Japanese Metal Links
List compiled and arranged by TadakatsuH0nda, Painkiller, Perdition, and Dudemanguy.

Magazines/Webzines/News Outlets
  • Web Rock Magazine BEEAST - A Japanese heavy metal and rock news outlet and magazine with exclusive interviews and articles on hundreds of Japanese bands and musicians.
  • WeROCK - Formerly known as Rockin'f (ロッキンf) they're now known as WeROCK. The premier hard rock and heavy metal magazine of Japan, they've published monthly issues since the mid 70's including exclusive interviews with both Japanese and Western musicians, band spotlights, biographies, stories and many other goodies.
  • JaME World - More of a focus on Japanese rock news, though still plenty of metal, daily updates on bands regarding new releases, disbandments/reformations and major news stories about J-rock bands.
  • JROCK NEWS - Provides news mostly about visual kei rock artists, though they also provide plenty of news and updates on several modern J-metal acts.
Band Research
  • Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives - The largest heavy metal focused encyclopedia online, features detailed discographies and information on over 1700 Japanese metal bands (in addition to the rest of the world). May also be a useful resource for album reviews.
  • JapaneseMetal Motion - A major collector of Japanese rock and metal, his website offers valuable information on hundreds of Japanese bands including discography info of both famous and obscure bands, reviews of albums and other Japanese metal curiosities.
  • Japanese Metal Indies - Another prominent collector offering information on several bands and releases.
  • Strange Music Page - A nice resource on the releases of 1980s Japanese progressive metal/rock bands.
  • Discogs - Many people are already aware of this one, but Discogs is an excellent resource for digging up info on specific albums, and features a diverse, strong marketplace with plenty of Japanese music sellers.
Shopping Services
  • Noppin - Can order from Amazon's marketplace, bid on Yahoo! auctions, and order from many shops in Japan.
  • CDJapan - Flexible payment and shipping options, but the selection is somewhat limited compared to Amazon and HMV. Good for new releases, though.
  • HMV Japan - Wide range of selection, frequent sales/promotions, and has pre-order novelties. Only accepts credit cards and ships by EMS.
  • Amazon.co.jp - Huge selection, not much for promotions. Some older CDs sporadically have discounts though. Ships via DHL.
  • Disk Heaven - Specializes in rock and metal. Has a good selection of domestic and international titles. Accepts PayPal and has flexible delivery options.
  • S.A. Music - Specializes in rock and metal. Has a good selection in domestic titles. Accepts PayPal and has flexible delivery options.
  • Wild One - Physical and online music store owned by Blaze guitarist Hisashi Suzuki. Sells Japanese CDs and vinyl.
  • J-Metal Brasil - Used to be J-metal.freevar.com, a popular download spot for miscellaneous Japanese rock and metal. Features detailed activity timelines and discographies of several bands. The site is in Portuguese, but it's easy to navigate and understand with a basic translator.
Friends of Japanese Metal Forum
  • KazueAkao.com - Website of Kazue Akao, vocalist of the Japanese heavy metal legends Terra Rosa, now fronting Kruberablinka.
  • Forces of Steel: Universal Metalhead Community (see here for general Japanese and other Asian metal discussions) - Our parent site, a worldwide metal community with discussions about metal more suited to Western metal fans.