9mm Parabellum Bullet - Babel (album) and Sacrifice (single)
It wasn't a chore to sit through, but it was pretty disappointing as whole. That one guitar lead at the beginning was cool and the 2 seconds of double bass, but everything else was kinda bland. Hell not even the vocals were noteworthy and he is normally one of the strengths of the band. It's a shame since this band plays a pretty niche/unique sound. 2 decent songs out of 10 is not a very good ratio.

Yeah definitely start off with an earlier album. You'd probably like the first couple the most since they are more "indie" sounding (despite being on a major label anyway but whatever lol).
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
^ Agreed. I liked the song but it just kinda stayed "just good". They've done a lot better before(though this is not one of their worst songs by any means, at least in my opinion).

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