[Announcement] IRC Channel
Heh I haven't checked in for a while, I usually throw you messages on FB now lol
There's more anonymity on IRC. Tongue
(12-08-2016, 05:55 PM)Dudemanguy Wrote: Good idea.

Looks like I'm having IPV6 problems again...

I never want to hear that word (well three letters and a number!) again in my entire life....
The channel is still alive and well, but it could use a few more regulars checking it out. Smile
Another bump. Definitely feel free to come and chill out!
I'd join a Discord server, but not IRC. I'm also past that since I quit my illegal activities. Had a good time there. Highs and lows, but I've abandoned it now. Sorry!
We don't use the IRC for anything more than general chatter. Discord is something that I honestly wouldn't feel confident using, but if anyone else wants to start a Discord server, then go right ahead! We'll have a thread posted for it.
I've never used IRC.

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