Bridear Interview: Young Guitar May 2017
How would you compare those versions to the later rerecordings?
The demo seemed rawer and a bit more... minimalistic. The new versions seemed more polished and fleshed out. I actually like the new versions. However, I like the single version of Thread of the Light more. It just seemed more bad-ass to me.

I can't remember if there was any real difference between the single and album version of Light in the Dark or not. God I played that single a lot too. Like 30+ times.
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Just realised I haven't actually got 'Overturn the Doom'. Must have forgotten because I have them on the 'Dear Bride' video!
I think that one is out of print now. Laugh
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Is it only available on Yahoo Auctions for 20,000 yen then? Sad
Nah, Amazon actually still has some copies in stock. They're kind of expensive though.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
It's also available digitally, if you want to get the music now and then save up for the CD. When I was just getting into Japanese music last year, that's what I did with several releases since the CD prices were so much higher than what I was used to.
Thanks. I'm OK with overpriced - it's just some of the out-of-print stuff goes for truly insane prices!

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