[D-Beat] Disclose
Legendary Japanese D-Beat punk that plays a lot similar to Discharge (and the band itself can explain a lot). Not much about them other than that their one of Discharge-clone bands from around world. Their lyrics is basically about nuclear war and the consequences of it if that happens. Unfortunately, the frontman of the band, Kawakami died of overdose of alcohol related death in 2007. If you a big fan of 80s Discharge or hardcore punk in general, i suggestion to give them a listen. 


i like Disclose, not as much as many others do i geuss. but they where obviously very important in the evolution of japanese punk. i doubt we would have all the crasher crusties without them. their super distorted approach inspired many great bands!

i am gald they did the reissues of Tragedy and Yesterdays Fairytale, Tomorrows Nightmare last year. the prices where too extreme, even for previous reissues of the albums.

would love to go to one of those Kawakami Forever gigs oneday! never seen a bad lineup for one of those.

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