Do You Only Order from Japan?
I got to a point where I almost never want to buy anything from Europe or the United States anymore. I've been constantly ordering from Japan since 2015, and I'd NEVER lost a single package, including those without tracking numbers. They'd all arrived with two or three weeks of shipping.

I can't say the same about ordering from some other parts of the world. One of my Russian orders took TWO MONTHS to clear customs. A handful of orders from Argentina were lost at sea, as well. I'm just glad that I received my refunds and exchanges. Even some of my American orders were put in the wrong mailboxes.
Yeah, I bailed on the rest of the world aeons ago and will only order from Europe unless I absolutely have to. The reasons you've outlined (plus a few others) are why I'll pay more for a Japanese pressing (even if all things are created equal). I just hate ordering from over here. Canada is the worst place in the world to order from and always has been. The US I've had a lot of negative experiences, ditto with Europe. Russia and South America are pretty awful to order from (or send stuff too).

Aside from that CD Japan order that took 3.5 months (and I blame Canada Post for that), everything has been pretty smooth. With the exception of Amazon, they normally package things up real well too.
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No, but i have never had a problem when ordering from Japan. And i import video games and model kits a lot. The two things i buy the most of in fact. Typically my stuff gets here in about 2 weeks. Only once has something ever taken a long time, 1 month to be exact. 1 out of hundreds is a damn good ratio! I also find that Japanese ebay sellers have great communication. Which is a great plus. I have many reliable Japanese stores on ebay i often buy from.
Short answer: no. Most of my orders are still from Dutch stores. I do order from Amazon Japan fairly frequently, but since I listen to music from all over the world that I can get cheaper from other places, I'll go for that. I do try to avoid stores outside of the EU as much as possible due to customs. It's the service fees that drive me up the wall.
I guess in my case, its not much more expensive ordering from Japan than Europe. Also with Europe, very few places sell in bulk items I'm interested, so I have to order individually. Also, Canada's dollar is bad vs the Euro lately.

The US rarely has anything I want, and if they do, its imported from Europe. I hate US licensed pressings. Since the US cranked its shipping fees to Canada (and the exchange rate sucks), the US is off the table.

With titles like the upcoming Orden Ogan (assuming its lead song is ok), I'll be getting the Japanese pressing, even if the tracklistings are the same.
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The only package I've ever had a problem with was one I got from Japan. The packaging was so thin that it ended up getting almost totally torn off in transit. The DVD inside was wrapped in bubble wrap, but it was still totally visible, there was a serious risk of water damage if it had rained, anyone could have just taken it out extremely easily, and it could have easily gotten lost forever if the part with my address on it had gotten off. I was lucky that it arrived at my house at all tbh.

So no, I don't only order from Japan.

I prefer to order from the US if it's an option; it's much cheaper, arrives much faster, and I've never had any packaging problems with American orders.
No, I always prefer Amazon U.K. if the album is only available on CD - even if it's a seller posting from Japan the postage will always be way cheaper this way. Most Japanese stuff isn't available this way (of course) so then eBay UK is the next port of call - then Amazon Japan, then Buyee.
Nah, I buy some stuff from US sellers. They don't have exquisite packing or anything, but the shipping is cheap and it works.
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Well I've bought stuff from some dudes in Canada now. Does that count? Tongue

Srsly though - if it's on Amazon UK it'll probably be cheaper, otherwise mostly Japan.
I guess I'd probably be most inclined to order stuff from its country of origin, but I've had way too many negative experiences with overseas sellers. That latest Machinae Supremacy I want, but the thought of having a digipak sent in a skimpy bubblemailer causes me enough anxiety where I won't even bother ordering it.

If guess if there's no other option, I'll order a single CD from a Euro seller. The US is off the table. No way in hell I'm spending $14 US for shipping one CD (and factor in the terrible exchange rate). The larger distros down there are incompetent - I've had more negative experiences than I can count.

I rarely have to replace a jewel case when ordering from Japan. When ordering from the US or Europe, quite often its 50% of the cases will come busted, sometimes more. This doubly sucks with digipaks (where you have to rebuy the CD) or 2CDs (and replacement jewel cases here are never as good as the storebought ones). Slimline jewelcases are the worst, since I've never found replacements for those. They usually come from other CDs.

The thing that grinds my gears is when something is well-packaged and its still damaged - quite often stuff is shipped in damaged condition. I've had a few instances of that from CD Connection.

The only really dodgy packaging from I've had from Japan was from Amazon. I guess one from Disk Heaven could've been packaged better, but it reached me safely anyway.
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