Do You Only Order from Japan?
Depends on what i want to purchase.

For EU and US releases i use ebay, discogs and mostly.
I used to buy stuff from Malaysia/Hong Kong/Singapore from Sense Music Store
but it is now closed. I don't use Yesasia anymore because i don't like their packaging
and they are quite expensive.
For Japanese releases either cdjapan or buyee and sometimes ebay.

What i've been buying the past 10 years is mostly Japanese music so
mostly from Japan but not only Japan.
(05-18-2017, 06:07 PM)rollermonkey Wrote: Yeah, this is true. It took like 3 weeks for the Semblant CD to get here.

thats not to bad, the only orders that actually arrived to me from Canada took over 2 months. others disapeared completely..
3 weeks isnt that bad happened quite a lot of times with US orders for me. i will only start worrying when something takes more than a month.

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