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All I'm gonna say is I've heard Mina is a tad difficult to get along with. Tongue

She can be all bad because she has a lot of friends in other bands.

There could be management/label issues that drive members off too. I'm convinced Destrose's implosion towards the end may not have been 100% Mina's fault.
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Yeah, she should have been able to keep using the Destrose name unless there was some sort of label/management/contractual issue that prevented it.

Hmm... I wonder if her contract actually stipulated that there would be no more support if the personnel changes didn't stop. It had to be incredibly difficult to market Destrose because as soon as a lineup photo was distributed, the lineup would change again. The band and member 'bias' thing over there would be impossible to maintain.
There's a good chance she sold the rights to Destrose when she signed to a label. It does seem to be a bit weird having complete personnel changes with new releases. The Mary's Blood jetison wasn't the last time this happened. There was a complete lineup turnover between Deathless Memories and Phoenix to Revive (lol) too - there was a label change between releases too. Makes me wonder if the label replaced members with their own or something when they signed to Flying Cat. I do notice there was a significant upgrade in the talent department (esp. vocally) there. I'm sure Mina is difficult to get along with, but I doubt she's the only problem. At any rate, I'm not going to blame everything on her.

With Fate Gear (and Destrose), she may've fired some members for not being good enough. Also, there is a very real possibility of musical differences causing band members to leave or get sacked. I think their last bassist left due to musical differences, and Hiro (their former drummer) appeared to leave on good terms. And she is doing stuff that has nothing to do with metal.

If their label/management is supplying unknown musicians who have jack to do with metal, that could quite possibly piss Mina off (she seems to be fairly old school and very metal). I don't think the two support members are metal (could be wrong though), but they've been in the girl-band scene long enough that Mina at least knows them.

I'm pretty sure the delay with the new album has to do with labels and whatnot. They've had this visual and lineup for awhile now. The first CD was on Mariannes (they also released Destrose's "Deathless Memories") - I actually thought that label was gone. I guess it magically resurrected itself for the occasion, I guess. So maybe the last year they were negotiating with other labels or whatever, dunno. Someone invested a lot of money for that PV and their costumes and everything.
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It was a definite upgrade from their living room, for sure Wink
I guess they (plus Destrose and Disqualia) make some money back by selling the PV on DVD at gigs and whatnot.
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(05-19-2017, 12:50 AM)Agonymph Wrote: And bhg70, I've been told Mustaine sort of redeemed his reputation. People who have worked with him recently were significantly less negative about him than people who did so in the eighties. I interviewed Al Pitrelli a couple of years ago, he called Mustaine one of the most professional musicians he ever worked with and said he had learned more from him than any other musician he has worked with. I guess some things can change over time Smile

Definitely. I agree wholeheartedly. Smile

Some folks in the music press aren't as willing to let it go, though. Unfortunately. Sad
Acquaintances of mine worked at a festival where Megadeth played in the eighties and because they sold Megadeth shirts for less than the band themselves sold them, they had to raise their prices due to Mustaine's management to 27 guilders or more. So they put up a sign in Dutch: "Megadeth shirts - 30 guilders" with "It's possible to take them home for twenty", with the number written in letters, so the management had no idea what it said. That's what I always think of if Mustaine is mentioned in relation to business Wink

As for Mina... I really don't know enough about her to say anything conclusive, but Hibiki seemed to have a lot of respect for her.
As previously said, she has friends in other bands. She might've been justified in sacking some members too.
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22 in 5 years... more than 4 sackings/departures/health problems per year?

Make any excuse you like, there's still something rotten in Kyoto.
Big Grin

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