[Heavy/Power Metal] Actroid / The Uncrowned
This thread will cover both Actroid and The Uncrowned (guitarist Takeshi is the mastermind behind both). Actroid is essentially melodic hard rock w/ J-Pop and some power metal influences. The vocalist is pretty high-pitched and shrill, so if you have an aversion to that sort of thing, you may want to give them a miss.

They had a pretty bad vehicle accident several years ago that messed their drummer up pretty good. Everyone seems ok now thankfully. They were working on a 2nd CD, but they announced they were going on indefinite hiatus last year. Takeshi came back with Shal (on vocals) and his brother on bass as The Uncrowned, which seems more metal-focused that Actroid.

The Uncrowned


The last thing released by them - it was a venue-exclusive release.

It sounds like instead of re-recording the 2nd album with Shal, they just started from scratch. Band should have a good future ahead of them.
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I received my copy of REVIVE today. Listening to it now. The kickoff, "Shiver," is a real attention-grabber.
Mine hasn't even shipped yet, screw you HMV:  "Waiting for stock arrival" *grumble*

I may not even get this order before xmas and it could be delayed by a week or two due to the holiday rush.

Going from that trailer, Shiver sounded really good. I'm not sure I'm gonna bother submitting them to M-A until I hear the entire thing. They still have a lot of melodic hard rock in them.
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I'm on track 4 ("Blue Moon") now, and I'm liking this CD a lot. Very melodic but a lot of subtle technicality. Takeshi is pretty fantastic guitarist based on what I've heard so far. Tracks 1 and 3 are both pretty speedy.

I am bummed that I just saw on their website that Disk Union had an exclusive CD-R bonus with an acoustic version of "Relume." Oh, well. I've spent enough money this year. I can do without that one song.

I think....
Make sure to check out his previous band Actroid (if you can get past the vocals). Some nice guitarwork on it. Its less metal and more melodic hard rock + J-Poppy though.

I'm sure this CD will be in my top 10. I liked that PV a lot and what I heard from the trailer seemed pretty nice.
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At only 9 songs, it's pretty lengthy at 48:32. "Revive" is the shortest song at 4:11. "Relume" is the only other one under 5 minutes.
Hmmm... sounds rather like a 90's anime theme. Not in a bad way, though.

Another Metallion mini-interview will be up later on THE UNCROWNED

Pretty raw sound quality on this though.
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Still sound pretty good, especially for their debut live.
I'm revisiting that Actroid now and I don't think it aged too well for me. Shal is a major upgrade over Anna and the music sounds a lot higher budget. The programmed drums bring this down a bit and the vocals get pretty grating at times. There are still a couple really good songs on it though, and lots of nice guitarwork.

I guess when I got into J-Metal I would've scored it around an 8.5 but its probably 6 range now. But I guess its a decent first effort and they did improve considerably with The Uncrowned.
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