[Heavy/Power Metal] Actroid / The Uncrowned
(03-29-2017, 08:30 PM)Perdition Wrote: I'm revisiting that Actroid now and I don't think it aged too well for me. Shal is a major upgrade over Anna and the music sounds a lot higher budget. The programmed drums bring this down a bit and the vocals get pretty grating at times. There are still a couple really good songs on it though, and lots of nice guitarwork.

I guess when I got into J-Metal I would've scored it around an 8.5 but its probably 6 range now. But I guess its a decent first effort and they did improve considerably with The Uncrowned.

Will this one be hitting the chopping block?
Nah, even though it grated on my nerves in places, there's still a couple songs I really like and it still worth keeping. 6's I'll hang onto if its by bands I like or have some songs/redeeming qualities I like. CD should still be in print though.

I wouldn't mind to see The Uncrowned re-record "Apocalpyse", "First Cry" and "Ruin" though.
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Is this it? Did they release any others?

Yeah, that's the only one I can think of. They did release some venue release single right before going on indefinite hiatus.
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All righty then, consider that puppy bought.

I'd have sworn I tried to find Actroid releases before, around the time The Uncrowned released their CD, but I guess I either missed this or only thought I looked.

Ah, well...
I do love Shal's voice. It's very distinctive. I suppose that's why she got teased about it at school though, unfortunately.

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