[J-Rock] Band-Maid
And I'll be in Atlanta for ProgPower. Otherwise, I'd totally make that trip to see them.

I wonder how long it will take for them to fade out the maid thing? Misa hasn't even been pretending for a while now, and Miku is the only one whose outfits aren't trending away from the archetype.
I don't care how they dress if they keep churning out good music at this pace. Smile
(05-26-2017, 05:29 PM)rollermonkey Wrote: I don't care how they dress if they keep churning out good music at this pace. Smile

Agreed. Saiki hasn't been very maid-like for a while, either. If I remember correctly, she even stated in one interview that she hated the maid outfits. Smile

But yeah, I wouldn't be upset if they fazed out that that aspect. It was a nice gimmick to get attention, but they certainly don't need it. Their ability stands on its own.
Would definitely be happy for them to fade out that aspect.

I think they still have some empire-building to do in terms of the band getting bigger though, and I doubt they'd quit the outfits until maybe they have kicked things up a couple of levels. Their record label still seems to be pumping in the promotional cash and would probably flip if they dropped the gimmick for now.

Although maybe Saiki's whining is just part of her whole "grumpy character" shtick.
European tour announced for early next year, including a London date.
■BAND-MAID One-man Okyuuji Tour
2017/11/03 (Fri) UK · London: O2 Academy Islington
2017/11/04 (Sat) France · Paris: La Boule Noire
2017/11/05 (Sun) Bochum, Germany: Zeche
2017/11/08 (Wed) Germany · Berlin: Bi Nuu
2017/11/09 (Thu) Germany · Munich: Backstage
2017/11/12 (Sun) Spain · Barcelona: Salamandra
and more...

Hmmm... O2 is 800 capacity. Not allowing for too much growth from the Underworld there. Better get my tickets fast Wink

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