[K-Pop] 2NE1
I was pretty much obsessed with these gals in 2015. Probably didn't listen to anything else for a few months. 

Sadly, it seems as though the group is done for. One of them got busted bringing prescription meds from the US to Korea that are illegal there a few years back, and they all but vanished off the face of the earth apart from 1 or 2 awards shows appearances or something. At least one of the members' contracts have expired and moved on from the label, too.
I think Emma Stone couldn't stop raving about them in one of the late night talk shows some time ago. That's all I know them from, K-Pop really isn't my thing.
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Oh, I've not started many threads, so I hadn't even looked at what that was. 
Ah, that's perfectly understandable. Just letting you know you can select a thread's prefix to your left when filling out the subject line. It makes indexing more convenient. Cheers!
I listen to some stuff now and then. Not 2ne1 though, Big bang, Ailee and Exid mostly. I've only seen the Areia remixes for 2ne1.

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