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(04-20-2017, 12:59 PM)Dudemanguy Wrote: This split was long overdue, but the title is hilarious. Laugh

It's the new punishment for thread derailment, you get "credited" with starting threads about bands you don't like..(AB aside). Big Grin
I will say that I actually do like "Stand Here With Me" off of Creed's third album weathered. It's a good song that actually shows of Tremonti a bit. Assuming you can stand Stapp's vocals, it's a pretty solid rocker.

Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Metalcore? Laugh

I turned this into a non-metal FFA thread, btw.
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Here's a strange one. Just got this e-mail from Ticketmaster:

Quote:Hi Christopher,
With every online ticket purchased for the Gorillaz, you'll receive a choice of either a standard physical or standard digital copy of their new album, Humanz, releasing Friday April 28th, 2017.
You will receive instructions via email on how to redeem your album shortly after ticket purchase. For any tickets purchased after the release date, you will receive instructions via email 7-10 days after purchase.


I mean, I'd have bought the album anyways, but this kind of turns the concept of a venue-only release on its ear.
I think Prince did this too one time.
Why what?
I moved all the Gorillaz discussion here. Carry on. Wink
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I merged the ABBA thread into this one too.
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