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Speaking of overused band names... Wizard is a band I am only familiar with due to the simple fact that I came across their compilation album 'with [indies-best]' at Game Over? in Amsterdam where it was labelled "power metal" by the owner. Being a fan of power metal, I got it, listened to it once and basically never put it on again. It's not that they're bad - in fact, songs like 'Hana Ichime' and 'Resistance' are quite enjoyable - it's just that they play such a standard form of visual kei that it's hard to stand out in the already overcrowded field. And their looks are too much like the average Under Code act that you won't remember them for that either. I do like the crunchy guitar sound in their heavier numbers.

This thread litterally caused me to check out their later stuff - released on Crown Nippon - for the first time and I can't say that I've been missing out. If you're into this kind of electrorock take on visual kei, you might be interested, but it's not my thing.

For completion's sake Wink
The first couple you posted I found to be fairly good. Not sure if it would be good enough for me to go out and buy it, but it's enjoyable music. But then the last two... what the hell happened there lol? I guess they jumped on a trend or something.
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Yeah, their early stuff is somewhat unspectacular, but well performed. The only thing that irritates me about that compilation is that it follows the heavy song-soft song-heavy song-soft song pattern, but that's something one can get over.
By the way, I don't want to make a habit out of using the non-marketplace forums to sell stuff, but if someone likes this stuff more than I do, I'd be glad to trade it (or Lin - End Of Corruption World's 'Independent Maze' for that matter) for something I like better.

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