The Fall of Troy
This section looks sad and lonely, so I'll put something in here. I'm not too connected with this general scene, but The Fall of Troy is downright awesome. They basically play some crazy math/post-hardcore thing and it's great. The guitarist, Thomas Erak, is ridiculously good and goes all of the place, but he has a very melodic style of playing (one of the things I've always liked about them). Their debut album sounds and feels a bit immature, but it's really great. I think the popular consensus is that the followup, Doppelganger, is their best and it has their big "hit" song (F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X) that was on guitar hero 2. Manipulator and Phantom on the Horizon were both great entries, but the last album before their breakup, In The Unlikely Event, is generally seen as a step down. I wouldn't say it's a bad album, but it does lose a bit of the fun technical flashiness that was in their first work.

Fortunately, the story doesn't end there and they actually reformed and got back together in 2013. I managed to catch one of their shows last year and it was pretty killer. They played their entire Doppelganger album, some of Phantom on the Horizon, and some new songs and overall it was a ton of fun. They finally released a new album (for free!), OK, this year and I think it's fantastic. Not quite Doppelganger-level good, but it's very respectable.

Anyways, enough praise and let's hear some songs.

Nice song title.

I liked this live play through, so I put it here. Good stuff.

Easily their most "commercial" song, but who can say no to that guitar line?

I actually like this breakdown. Sue me.

One of their best songs off their first album.
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I didn't hear of them until playing FCPREMIX on Guitar Hero (it's actually on 3, not 2), though I always liked the song for it's off-kilter prog styling in the guitar work. Never looked much into them though, since I've typically had an aversion to that sort of alt-rock niche, though given some of the other songs you've posted I might have to correct that. The guitar work definitely sounds like some of the intricate yet melodic stuff I try to come up with in my spare time.
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Woops wrong guitar hero.

But yeah no, they don't have anything to do with alt-rock (thankfully). Pretty mathy and rhythmically intense. Like I said earlier, I'm not too familiar with the general scene they are involved in, but my impression is that they are a fairly unique band. The closest I can think of would be The Mars Volta (not bad but never gripped me for some reason). Regardless, I would recommend/10. At least one of their albums is free on bandcamp and it's not like the rest is hard to find.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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