The Mystery of Diamond Moon
Occupants of a shoddy apartment find themselves trapped in a city on the verge of collapse. One night, they find themselves forced out of their homes by a murderous stranger.

We open up with our protagonists inside of what is practically a ghost town. There are a few markets open, but the police station is vacant, the streets are cold and dead, and windows have been smashed. Nowadays, it's the local mob that keeps things in check, and recently the princess of the local monarchy has been assassinated on her way to the castle. The king and his army are crumbling, with most of the army having become defectors to a rival clan or kingdom, and the queen sick with some kind of illness.

Miss Elnard, the owner of this property, walks around in the dark looking for the residents of this apartment with a lantern, residents who themselves have been homeless people seeking shelter up until now. She warns them that there is someone in the house, and that they must escape.

How to Play:
Basically, this is a fairly mundane RP where players assume a very basic character. The plot will be revealed as time goes on, but the first mission is to escape the apartment complex and then the city. Whether or not the city can be saved or should be, only time will tell.

You can register your character to play. There are no fantasy races, just human characters trying to survive. Magical elements will eventually come into play.

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