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I would rule out that it ultimately doesn't matter. There is no need to put more importance on the demographics of a band's fans than the band itself. That gets into a totally subjective situation on how Western a Japanese band sounds, and it just opens up wormholes. That sort of thing needs to end, because we'd just be fixing what isn't broken. Mind you, Gallhammer also has punk influences, so they're not strictly black/doom metal.

As for punk and pseudo-punk, again, we'll use our best judgments on them. I don't really have much to say on the genre itself, as it's not my forte, but all I know about All-Female Bands and Visual Kei is that they should be open to all genres. I don't like things having to be so specific. That only becomes an issue when members start complaining about the placement of some threads, and then that's our cue to manage them.

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