9mm Parabellum Bullet - Babel (album) and Sacrifice (single)
Which is ironic because I'm like the only person that listens to them. Laugh Well I think quickmind has some of their albums. NaCl likes them too. Anyway for all you lurkers out there: get this album. It's seriously good!
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Probably downloaders, but I hope that I'm wrong on that. Seriously, you won't find any downloads here. Go away, leechers. Laugh
Give the band your money! They deserve it! Laugh
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
They're a massively popular band, so people coming in via search engine doesn't shock me. Peaked #10 on Oricon and is on week 3. That didn't beat out Aldious by that much, actually.

9mm and Ling Tosite Sigure's popularity explains a lot of trends in Japanese music atm.
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Dudemanguy You're damn right I like this band.

Money is an issue though. I have to spare it and whenever I but something, it's something shallow like sweets.

Besides, don't have much time listening to albums while in service. If that's a good enough excuse.
Well I guess I can't expect you to hoard albums while you're out in the wilderness fighting Russians or something. Laugh

They're a damn good band though. And very unique too. Pegging a genre on them is hard but I guess it's like some kind of mix of J-rock and power metal. Their earlier stuff is more mathy, but I would say they largely dropped that sound by Movement. One of the things I enjoy a lot is their drummer since he's extremely good. I'm sure I've said it before, but it's not everyday that you hear double bass and blast beats in music like this.

P.S. The opening riff on "Everyone is fighting on this stage of Lonely" is meaaaan as fuck. Love it.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Agreed. And thankfully they're on Spotify, too!
Damn, the DVD has a live set which is pretty nice. They ended it with a song called "Talking Machine" which is originally off of one of the early EPs when they were on Zankyo. Anyways I mention it because that song (or at least this particular spruced up version of it) is pretty damn awesome and jams hard. They have a live backing guitarist for when the lead guitarist occasionally goes off to play keyboards. Kind of odd since this band uses little to no keyboards in the studio lol.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I ripp d this, but haven't listened to it yet. Academic quarter is almost over.
You definitely should when you have a chance. This is easily a top 10 non-metal album for me so far this year. 眠り姫 is the only slightly lackluster track; everything else is excellent.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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