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Adrastea - Pathetic Bluemoon (February 23, 2018)

1. Pathetic Bluemoon (Instrumental)
2. Birth Of Alect
3. Twilight Cat
4. Latent Blaze
5. The Flag Of Prayer
6. Wind Transporter

I see "The Flag of Prayer" is on this, so that renders the "Sleep of Insomnia" single completely useless now.
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The single's useless unless they decide for some reason that they'll re-record it completely like Lovebites did to their EP's stuff. I think doing that made Lovebites' EP hold quite a bit of it's value. Who knows, Adrastea may do the same if they feel they can improve on the first versions.
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The Lovebites versions are significantly different, so owning the EP isn't that big of a deal.

With Adrastea, I didn't notice any real differences between the recordings of the 2 songs for the debut album. I'll have to compare the new version of "The Flag of Prayer" to the old one to see if there's any real difference.
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(01-17-2018, 04:47 PM)billm99uk Wrote: It's a unicorn with very metal hair head-butting the moon and causing a big crater. What's else is there to say? Image

Exactly! Don't act like that's weird!
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