[Album Review] Liege Lord - (1987) Burn to My Touch - 9.5/10
Artist: Liege Lord
Release: Burn to My Touch (1987)
Rating: 9.5/10

Burn to My Touch is American power metal band Liege Lord's second album, and their last album with original vocalist Andy Michaud, who'd then be replaced with Joseph Comeau on Master Control. The one thing that instantly drew me to Liege Lord was Michaud's voice, as I always found Comeau's tone too Bruce Dickinson-ish for my tastes. I prefer that quasi-King Diamond falsetto that Michaud had going for him, and songs such as the in-your-face "Birds of Prey" and the epic "Speed of Sound" definitely make use of that style of singing. The whole album clocks in at a literal thirty minutes, although what makes it such a worthy USPM classic is that it's loaded with instant classics.

"Transgressor" is the first song in, and undoubtedly filled with hooks. Very fast-paced, raw, and heavy. That style continues further on the amazing "Cast Out" and "The Manic's Mask", whereas "Black Lit Knights" embraces the darker atmosphere of the album. "Portrait of Despair" and "Legend" aren't as aggressive as the other songs here, but they're both immensely catchy numbers that I feel complement the album's dynamic variety. While a lot of what you'd expect to hear is dark power metal, there are still hints of the great Freedom's Rise to be heard. The musicians are clearly at their game, with Frank Cortese's drumming taking the prize home for me. The dude just punches and kicks the living shit out of his drums, especially as heard on those killer fills on "Portrait of Despair". The guitar duels between Tony Truglio and Paul Nelson can't be overlooked, either. Matt Vinci on the bass does more than just hang on the root, and you can tell that the whole band really comes into full force on the instrumental called "Walking Fire".

The production is also quite excellent for this style of metal. I get that there have been people slamming the album for being "unfinished", but coming from someone who worships a few lo-fi demos, I'd rather not fix what isn't broken. If I can hear everyone loud and clear, and there's nothing hinting at me wanting to skip a song or take out the said album in question, then what's the problem? Besides, all of the songs are superb, and I'd rather not have them bogged down by studio tricks in an attempt to castrate them for the masses. Anyway, if I had to pick my personal favorites, I'd go with the first three songs and "Speed of Sound". Those were the songs that easily drew me in.

To top it all off, Burn to My Touch is not only my favorite Liege Lord album, but also one of the best metal albums of all time. Not only that, but it really floored me on the first listen, and it still continues to amaze me. Thirty minutes of relentless USPM. Can you dig it?

Shame that the likes of Metallica always got the attention and these awesome bands like liege Lord never. This is classic in my book. Killer stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice review! You're spot on, such a killer album. I'm right there with you about Michaud vs Comeau, too. Not that I don't love Master Control, but I think Burn to My Touch gets the edge with those amazing vocals.
Thanks! Hand

All Liege Lord is quality stuff, yeah. I just think that the departure was a mistake, but most fans disagree with me. Oh, well. Wink

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