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Aldious - We Are (November 29, 2017)

Aldious will be releasing their 2nd album this year on November 29th. It will be available in regular and limited edition, and is already up for pre-order at HMV.

It looks like this will be a mini-album with 8 songs, btw (going from what I saw on the album page at HMV).
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I'll make the obligatory "that was fast" post.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I wonder if "Female Warrior" will be on this one?
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It would be nice if that one stayed exclusive though. Will Yoshi write a bunch of songs for this album?
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I hope Yoshi writes all of it. And hopefully there'll be no ballads this time around. Considering this is only 8 songs, I'm hoping this will be a more focused effort (as opposed to the variety hour like their last 3 albums).

Should we still leave that DVD thread open? I think I made a rule of only one open thread/band, but closing it may be kinda confusing/awkward too.
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Hmm, where are you getting that this is 8 only songs?

I say leave the DVD thread alone. You can't help it when the band members are workaholics. Laugh
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Its already listed at HMV, so I ran the description through google translate.

The price seems slightly lower than the previous album.
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Oh you're right. Why does HMV have a better description than the actual announcement on their website? Laugh
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I am hoping for a good one. Going to see them a month after release, so it better be some good material! Tongue
Crazy they can do this though... Either they already had these songs mostly written when Unlimited Diffusion was released, or there is a lot of so-so material on this new mini-album Wink
Huge BABYMETAL fan (28 lives and counting). Go to Japan frequently for lives of other bands like Aldious, Mary's Blood and the alike.
I'm hoping this is more in a "Female Warrior" direction - that song didn't fit in at all with Unlimited Diffusion, hence why I can see it being left out. Then again, we could get 8 "Die For You"s too.
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