We're Upgrading Our Hosting!
We will be upgrading to a new server in a few months. Due to high costs of a more dedicated server, we would greatly appreciate your help with donations! See this thread for more information. To make a donation, we've set up a page in which you are able to do so. Thank you so much for your support!

Are you still having problems connecting? Send an e-mail to admin [at] jpmetal [dot] org as soon as possible. Be sure to include your IP address(es). More information here.

I need to pay for our hosting next month, and then I'll need to add another year to our domain name. If anyone would like to chip in, no matter the amount, then contact me for details. Feel free to let me know if you'd like to anonymously donate.

All money sent will be used for maintaining the forums.
Gee already begging for shekels?

I definitely would not want the site to go down just because you're too poor though.  Tongue
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Yeah, it can cost quite a bit of money to keep things running. I normally pay for everything, but if people would like to help out, then I'm grateful for it. I got a lot of other expenses to focus on, and as I don't make any money running forums, I'd like to get a breather. Wink
Got a paypal or something?
Indeed, I only accept donations via PayPal. If anyone is interested, just send a personal message for more information. Smile
How much is the hosting fee for a year? If it was split over 10 people, it should be manageable. My disposable income is pretty much committed to CDs 120% and is hosed for the next few months, unfortunately. I probably could eek out a small amount though if everyone else is.
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The hosting cost is currently manageable, but I'd like to tackle a full year's worth of hosting to get it out of the way. That, and our domain name can be a bit costly to renew per year. Any amount that I get is fine, but a substantial amount would work wonders.
I would like to send out my gratitude to everyone who's donated so far. I have just about enough money to pay off hosting for the entire year, but if you'd still like to donate, then kindly feel free to. This is all going straight to funding our host and domain name.
Once I graduate and get a J-O-B, I'll have to throw you some lucre. 

Or maybe you take Bolivian pesos? Or Turkish Lira?
(01-17-2017, 09:23 PM)rollermonkey Wrote: Once I graduate and get a J-O-B, I'll have to throw you some lucre. 

Or maybe you take Bolivian pesos? Or Turkish Lira?

We only accept North Korean Won here.

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