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[Doom Metal] Magdala Junen (マグダラ呪念)
Interesting doom metal band right here. They have three full-length albums, with the most recent one just from last year. The first two albums were both released in 2008. They were also featured on a split album with doom metal and punk band Chūgakusei Kanoke.

Only original member since 2003 is guitarist and vocalist Kotama Mako. Since 2015, Dot(.) guitarist Rei has filled in on the bass, and drummer Alabaster has been in the band since 2013.

Check out the latest album through Bandcamp.
A bit more information:
Quote:Out in our next batch of vinyl attack, マグダラ呪念 (or Magdala Ju-nen in alphabet) is my most exciting finding during 2016, fronted by mystic doom witch Kotama Mako, マグダラ呪念 has been haunting Japanese underground since 2003. Through not wildly known to the western scene, the band has been very active throughout the 13 years of existence with several releases and frequent live gigs. The music of マグダラ呪念 is best to be described as sludgy and psychedelic doom rock heavily influenced by the traditional Japanese folk music and literature – unlike other ‘folkish’ metal bands, マグダラ呪念 adopted these external elements without losing the raw energy and ferocious spirit of real metal.

Kotama Mako san is a hell of legend figure, not merely the singer and guitarist of マグダラ呪念, she is also a gifted player of traditional Japanese instrument Shamisen, a three-stringed, Japanese musical instrument derived from the Chinese instrument sanxian, which became a prominent tool in the later albums of マグダラ呪念. One can easily feel the Mako’s own brand of orientalism and feminine touch in the music.

To celebrate the 13th year of マグダラ呪念, and to introduce the band to the western audience, we have purchased the copy right of their long deleted second album (also my personal favorite) 何の因果でこうなった (why I got this? In English) from original label Boten Record. Now here you have, the first vinyl release from マグダラ呪念, an unique female doom metal band that really sounds like no one.

Out soon in the first week of 2017, limited to 100 copies.
That mix really hurts my ears, but it's not bad musically. Kind of feels like a mixture between Candlemass' debut and Reverend Bizarre. I don't actually hear the "oriental mysticism" in it, but that's not necessarily a problem.
New album just being released. Check it .

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