[Gothic Metal] Magistina Saga
Starwave uploaded the PV for "Liberate" yesterday:

This is definitely not what I was expecting. I never got around to listening to the new album even though it came out last month, so clearly I need to get on that...
You know, I own their latest CD but its still in the shrinkwrap. I probably should fix that Laugh
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It's solid, I enjoyed it, I wouldn't rave about it but I wasn't expecting to. I've played it a few times though.
Playing it now. DR3... ugh. Mind you, all their stuff is painfully brickwalled. I'll admit I was a bit psyched out by seeing 17 songs, but 6 appear to be instrumentals/interludes/etc and the runtime doesn't seem too bad.

[edit] This one wasn't bad at all, probably better than their first full-length. Maybe a bit more technical than usual?
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Yeah, the album isn't nearly as long as it seems. I think the interlude tracks could be cut out without much effect, but they don't really disrupt the album's pacing that much, and I guess that's what the skip button is for...

Still weird for a 15-track album (Spotify doesn't have the bonus tracks) to be less than 50 minutes long.

It's nothing mindblowing--turns out I liked "Liberate" way more than I liked the rest of the album--but the album doesn't suffer as badly from the "all of these songs sound basically the same" problem that I have with their previous releases. The processing on Iori's vocals doesn't sound quite as aggressive to me, either, which is nice. Or maybe she's just gotten better at singing, I dunno. Either way, I like Reingrimonation more than Magistina Saga's older stuff, so it's not bad at all.
It seemed a bit longer for me on first listen to do the mastering job (I seem to be pretty sensitive to that sort of thing) but 55 minutes isn't that bad. Interludes and fluff don't bother me at all. The bonus track(s) are actually pretty useful and close the album off nicely. Kinda surprised the limited edition doesn't have them, they feel like a part of the album.

Liberate was surprisingly aggressive for them.

I still like "Two-Facedness..." the most, but this one is pretty decent. It seems a bit more... professional sounding. Probably from having real drums. And yeah, vocals do seem a bit better this time around. Most importantly, this album doesn't seem as bland as the previous one (I liked the in between MCDs more than the last full-length).
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