[Gothic/Symphonic] Eri Kitamura (喜多村英梨)
(07-31-2017, 07:19 AM)Perdition Wrote: Symphonic metal/J-Rock. Drums sounded a bit naff. Will probably get this.

I forget, is naff good or bad?

I thought we were supposed to use English on the board?
Big Grin

You'll be telling us you don't know the difference between 'bollocks' and 'the dog's bollocks' next Wink
I thought bollocks was bad. Basically meant the same as saying that something is fucked up... I'm guessing dogs bollocks is worse?

Wait... Dogs bollocks is GOOD!?!?

Y'all's slang is wonky as hell.
Bollocks is 'very wrong/incorrect' (see also 'a load of old bollocks'). The dogs bollocks is 'the absolute best'. A bollocking is a telling off by your boss. 'Bollocksed' mean something has broken down/been rendered beyond repair. And "Bollocks!" is a general exclamation to use when you, say, trap your fingers in a drawer.

Todays testicular education has been brought to you free of charge. I guess I can add British to Canadian to American English translation to my CV now.

P.S. And 'Bollocks' is also the name of the Japanese punk magazine (presumably from 'Never Mind the Bollocks'). No, seriously, even comes with an appropriate logo : Bollocks
(07-31-2017, 08:19 AM)rollermonkey Wrote: Y'all's slang is wonky as hell.

Don't talk such bollocks! Wink
Anyway, if someone wants to do a thread for the new single, go ahead.
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I did just give Kitamura's second album a listen and I very much liked it. Keep in mind that I'm very allergic to electronic, but thankfully everything is firmly rock based (minus the jazz song) so that issue doesn't come up. If you like the whole anime-esque J-Rock style, it's a fun listen. Catchy melodies and solid musicianship all around. My only real complaint was that "Pleasure→Link" had some really annoying electronic effects in the vocals that I didn't like.

Also as a side note, I noticed that Leda had credits for guitars/bass/stuff for a couple of the songs. That's a name I was not expecting. I guess he did do something after Deluhi I like after all. Laugh Classic gets to keep posting for now. Laugh
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(10-02-2017, 05:13 PM)Dudemanguy Wrote: I guess he did do something after Deluhi I like after all.

Didn't you like that Matenrou Opera EP he played on? Also, he's so prolific as a session guitarist that it's statistically impossible that he only does things you don't like Wink
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I actually haven't listened to that one. Tongue
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