[Heavy Metal/Hard Rock] α-erial (エアリアル)
α-erial (with an alpha!), or sometimes エアリアル, are a four member HM/HR band based in Kyoto since May 2016, aiming for a 70/80's sound (reflecting both Western and Eastern styles). Their sound is actually a bit hard to place - pretty melodic/symphonic and somewhere along the rock/metal spectrum though. Very much driven by Karan's pronounced bass line and Kanon's weird muzzy/melancholy vocal style, though the guitarist gets plenty of solo time to show his stuff too. They're easy enough to spot though, with a female keyboardist & vocalist up front and centre. The line-up has been static since the start, except they seem to get through an inordinate number of drummers for some reason. Currently they are:

Vocals & Keyboards: Kanon
Guitar: Hiro
Bass: Karan
Drums: Takuto

Lyrics are almost entirely Japanese, though given her idiosyncratic vocal style Kanon could be singing in Serbo-Croat for all I know. Bassist Karan is both band leader and main songwriter and Kanon does the lyrics. They appear mostly to be fantasy/mythology based, so its entirely appropriate their one (short) album to date is called 'Myth'.

Band web page is here

Fun fact: Kanon is obviously one of those multi-talented types she's got two keyboards and the vocals to get on with but is also liable to bust out one of those dinky 'over the shoulder' types and go walkabout, as obviously she doesn't have enough to do already!

Anyway her's a few videos for you:

Couple of songs off the album:

And a bit of new material:

Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!

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