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[Heavy/Power Metal] Precious / Akira Kajiyama (梶山章)
Another high quality Mandrake Root band here. Ignore the silly, very un-metal name for a second. Precious is some kick power metal. Like much of the Mandrake Root catalog, it features melodic power metal with keyboards figuring heavily into the mix. The band released one full length in 1990 as well as a few 7"s which would later be re-released as a comp.

Amazing power metal band. I'm still looking for a physical copy of To Glory We Steer.
To Glory We Steer actually took me quite a while to find, but once I did it only cost me a mere $25. Just keep your eyes open. It's rare, but not particularly expensive (unless I got lucky?)
I see 2 copies on yahoo auctions for 5000 yen each. Ouch. Maybe those ones are overpriced...
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I'm also seeing $88 on discogs. I did get my copy several years ago, right around the time that Mandrake Root closed their doors, so I'm guessing that I either got lucky or it has gone up in price since I picked it up.
I think you probably got lucky in that you found one being sold by someone who wasn't price gouging merely because it's rare. I tend to see *most* Mandrake Root albums between 30 and 50 USD, usually based on condition, and if it's virtually perfect they'll maybe go for a little higher, but them showing up with any kind of regularity is the huge variable. I'd call 25 a pretty awesome price still.
Sounds about right. I just found a copy of the Shella - Listen LP for $50 on Discogs, and that one has always eluded me. For some reason I thought it would be more. Most of the other MR stuff has been in that 30-50 range, with the exception of Hellen.
Yeah, Hellen and Babylon will cost you a limb most of the time lol
I swear I saw Precious cheaper way back when. I'll keep my eyes open. Sometimes you get some people who sell stuff on yahoo auctions who aren't price gougers. I don't think I'd ever consider buying a Japanese CD outside of Japan.
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I've never even seen a copy of Farewell, but I did get the Babylon cassette pretty cheap.

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