[Heavy/Power Metal] Precious / Akira Kajiyama (梶山章)
I've seen some Goldbrick CDs at Yahoo! Japan Auctions a few times. For some odd reason, I'm still yet to check out any of Akira Kajiyama's post-Precious involvements in full. I'm honestly not that huge of a Joe Lynn Turner fan, so that could be why.
Neither am I. The only albums I have with his vocals are the ones he recorded with Glenn Hughes, who is one of my favorites, so that balances it out a little Wink
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I do like Joe Lynn Turner but I don't like his more AOR material. The Kajiyama/Turner album I think is OK but the songwriting isn't that memorable.
(07-23-2017, 02:09 PM)TimJ Wrote: Anyone got the Goldbrick albums? (Kajiyama & Morikawa again). I'm teetering on the edge...

Very Rainbow/Deep Purple.

I also didn't know Kajiyama had done an album with Takenori Shimoyama (although I can see that at least TvvrAskesis does, since he edited the Metal Archives entry for the album).

Yeah, I have all three Goldbrick CDs, and the Kajiyama/Shimoyama album. The Goldbrick ones are okay (but not much more), but I really enjoyed Into the Deep with Takenori Shimoyama, mostly because it's a lot heavier.
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Is anyone out there still looking for a perfect copy of Secret Live? There's a nicely priced copy you may want to keep your eyes on. It ends tomorrow.
So, I finally got the VHS that contains three of their music videos, as well as a bonus live shot. Very nice picture quality — not as noisy as I was expecting it to be, so any way to preserve this gem is welcomed by me. Way better than the YouTube uploads that I watched, by far. I just find the concept really goofy. I'm not going to spoil it, but it has everything to do with that random white boy who runs around with his gun. I couldn't contain my laughter towards the end. Laugh

Also, I got the original 1990 pressing in the mail today. Nice having both versions of my favorite Japanese album. Smile
Oh, a sealed copy of the original pressing. Two bids so far. Going to be following this one to see how much it'll sell...

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