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Ibuki - Rise/We Are No. 1 (November 22, 2017)
This single turned out to be a lot better than I expected (I nearly gave this a miss going from the first trailer). The drums on the 1st song sounded a bit naff (and that song reminded me a bit of Asura). I like this more than Around the Nation, but not as much as Disqualia. Since I think act. is their drummer now, this makes me optimistic for their next release. An added bonus is the guy from Vorchaos. That band always had really good guitarwork, but their style (metalcore) is totally not my thing (I have their debut for sale, btw). So its nice to see him in a proper metal band, hopefully he'll stick around.
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Well I think Ibuki is always going to have to rely on whichever hired guns are available at the time in terms of her supporting musicians given that she’s married with a kid and is unlikely to ever be a prolific touring act.

Personally my take is that her stuff is decent second-tier material, like 7/10 (which I define as good but not outstanding) but unless she encounters a great songwriting foil, I don’t see her stuff reaching beyond that.
Is she married? I thought she was a single parent. Wasn't there an interview where she mentioned wanting to find a husband and the other band members were scandalized?
Well at the show I went to I met this Japanese guy (who spoke English) and he said that her husband and kid were at the show, and I think she tweeted something about it being nice to have her family there at the show also.
Well it certainly is better for her to have her husband around as opposed to raising a kid while single. Maybe bhg just heard some rumor or something?
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
This is the article.

"IBUKI: I want to hit hard with the force that I can get from my voice and be a vocalist so that people think "Beautiful, this gal is cool". Speaking of a cool female vocalist in the classical style, called IBUKI….. that’s the place I want to get to, I think. Afterwards, get married and have children, this I am officially announcing."
That sounds like the same quote. Yeah, it was an interview where she specifically stated her plan to get married. I guess I must have thought the interview was more recent than it actually was. Either that, or the marriage is recent. Regardless, I'm happy for her that she was able to do what she wanted. Speaking from experience, being a single parent is hard. And my career doesn't require me to be on the road anywhere near as much as a musician's.
Month is up, resume discussion here.
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