[J-Indie] Zaien Lily
Rather obscure female-fronted alternative band. Fairly moody at times and a bit abrasive sounding. Some songs have poppier sensibilities (and those tend to be the better ones, IMO). Their vocalist does some keyboards, which adds to the band's sound. I found the vocals to be better than average for this style of music (at least on the newer stuff) and found her fairly distinctive. Unfortunately their drummer and guitarist left at the end of 2015 and the band has been on indefinite hiatus since. It said on their twitter they're intending on rebuilding the band, but I haven't heard anything since. If anything does happen, I'll post it here.

Both EPs took some time for me to get into (growers), but I'm pretty happy with them. They have a bunch of venue-released singles which are pretty much impossible to get (and there's PVs for stuff off them). The bane of my existence. Tongue 

From their second MCD.

From their first MCD. The song that got me hooked on the band, actually.

From their 2nd single - I wouldn't mind owning this.

The last 2 are from their first single. I can probably live without this, but at least they improved considerably and I guess every band has to start somewhere.

I also notice they had 3 consecutive singles before breaking up. They were nice enough to put those up on itunes, so I may actually create an account and buy those sometime.
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A sign of life... Naomi tweeted this. Would be cool if she rebuilt the band, or started another project.
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