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[J-Rock] Gacharic Spin / Doll$boxx
(02-14-2018, 06:35 AM)TimJ Wrote: Just saw the GS show in Nishikawaguchi (a suburb of Tokyo).

Yes - Oreo wears the burger costume for the entire show (!)...must be hideously uncomfortable.

They played 2 new songs, one called “Ice Cream”.

Tonight’s “support dancer” as she was introduced was called Hazuki.

Mai played guitar on Stay Gold and one other song, I forget which.

They played (I think) the entire Kakuhen album, including instrumental.

I bought a t-shirt off Tomo-Zo and she looked suitably scared at having to deal with a gaijin, but managed to smile nonetheless - not a bad night’s work all in.

Out of all things, I'm mostly jealous because of one thing (that you didn't mention): the opening act Big Grin
(02-14-2018, 09:08 AM)Traxan Wrote: Seriously, she looked scared?

Nah, just being facetious, there was some kind of look but whether it was surprise (I was the only Westerner in the crowd and stuck out like a sore thumb) or a feeling of dread at, “oh shit, I get stuck with the foreigner who can’t speak Japanese”, who can tell...

(02-14-2018, 10:00 AM)M_M Wrote: Out of all things, I'm mostly jealous because of one thing (that you didn't mention): the opening act Big Grin

Ah yeah, forgot that bit. Hana, Mai and Oreo came on all in red and did like a mock idol act, Valentine-themed I guess. I had no idea what the song was that they did but everyone seemed to know it.
That's Nishikawaguchi Liver, one of their 18 idol units, all of them have a song and they are related to certain prefectures/cities all around Japan, so when they perform there, the "local idols" are the opening act. They even held 2 idol championships in the past and have released 2 full albums (some of the songs overlap) which are almost impossible to get and I really want to listen to those songs Big Grin
I've only managed to listen 1 full song so far, because that's on youtube.

You might have been the only foreigner at the show, but TOMO-ZO wrote in her blog that she got flowers from a foreign fan Smile
Oh wow, I had no idea about the idol opening act thing.

If I’m honest, I preferred the Doll$boxx show to this one, just because it had less ‘idol’ overtones (and I don’t mean the opening act).

Also there seemed to be a ton of nuances to the GS show that you miss if you don’t speak Japanese - of course there are MCs with Doll$boxx too, but they seem less key to proceedings. The entire audience seems to know all the various dance moves too - which again you didn’t really get with DB, you can just watch the show.

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