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[J-Rock] Gekijo METALicche (激情★めたりっちぇ)
Perdition's edit Inserted opening post:

All-female kawaii-core, I guess. They mix J-Pop, metalcore, and some power metal. Musically I guess they sound between CANTOY and Babymetal. Pretty solid musically, esp. their guitarist Midori. This band broke up earlier this year. Midori joined Lovebites, their vocalist joined Sadistic Mask, and I'm not sure what Zen is doing.

Discussion of this band and news on the ex-members is ok here.

I have been looking for the first single by 激情★めたりっちぇ – 意味の果て/世界「 観 」

Does anyone know if the recording of 意味の果て on I YASSAA is different from the single version? The version on I YASSAA does say album ver. after it, but I have never heard the single version to see if there is an actual difference.
I'm missing that 1st single as well. I know Rocco owns it, but he doesn't post here yet. I do know that thing is a CD-R. It sold out really fast.

At any rate, their 2015 full-length had a song re-recorded from each of the first 2 singles. The re-recording from the 2nd single was inferior to the original.
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Thanks for the reply, I will agree with you on the second single. Hopefully Rocco will start posting here and we can get some input on this.
I much prefer their older/indie stuff. Not gonna say King Records ruined them, but their last album rubbed me the same way as Dazzle Vision's last one. In other words, it didn't surprise me seeing them disband.

Their vocalist (never saw her name transliterated) joined a new band called Sadistic Mask, and Midori is of course in Lovebites. No idea what Zen is doing. I'm gonna hazard a guess there was some pretty significant musical divides (vocalist liking metalcore, Midori being more rock/metal).
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I believe her name transliterates as Migaki (the lead singer), and as for ZEN, it appears she is not really up to anything, at least according to her Twitter and blog.

Zen's Twitter
ZEN's blog
Migaki should be easy enough to memorize - I find it easy to memorize the names of members if its unique.

Zen could be holding off until an announcement. Midori went quiet until she was announced as Lovebites' guitarist.

A lot of those girl-bands form from the ashes of other girl-bands, and there's a lot of displaced members atm where you could build several bands from (unless some retired from the scene).
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That is true, we see bands form every week it seems like. I am sure she will find something.
Unfortunately they disband and lose members just as fast.

Even though I'm far from a metalcore fan, I'm curious to see what that Sadistic Mask sounds like. Its aesthetic looks cool to me.
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I am not really a fan of metalcore as a whole, but wierdly I am a fan of female metalcore. Is that wierd.

But, as you said, the bands do disband rather quickly, but that does give more chance for a really good band to come together.
Nah, I'm kinda the same way. Like A Drop of Joker I like a lot. "Alternative Metal" and whatnot like Head Phones President, Soundwitch, Rampant, Dazzle Vision, etc I like too. MergingMoon's 2nd album was really good as well. But put a guy on vocals... ewwww....

I wonder how a lot of these bands come together. I'm sure some are put together by some label, studio or agency, maybe others form from classmates at a music school, etc. I guess the ones that are pieced together may end up not getting along. And then you get musical differences. Japan's seemingly uncaring for genres sometimes bites them in the ass.

I think Lovebites is gonna be really good - you have enough talent plus experience among the members. Guess it just depends on who the vocalist is.

JULiC is another one that arose from scene veterans. It really seems like every one of these bands had members that played in several other bands. Would make for a good trivia game.
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