The band started under a different line-up in May 2011 and their first live was at June 4th 2012. However in that meantime they released some songs on youtube [instinct, 生々流転 and self believer].

However on 2015/10/22 the band announced their disbandment.
But the band returned in 2016 at 07/11 and they did hold their first coming back show at 08/27. However since 2016 the sound of the band changed into more pop rock. But they guys are still rocking on stage!

Vocal: Iren @iren_willi
Guitar: Abechi @abechi0720
Bass: Rikiya @rikiya_NEXTRADE
Past members: USK and NAO

2011-06-01 [2曲] OVERKILL
2012-06-04 [4曲] AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
2012-08-11 [1曲] Diablo
2012-11-22 [4曲] My Real Intention
2013-02-17 [1曲] Desire
2013-10-25 [5曲] Possibility
2014-11-07 [4曲] Wake Up
2015-06-25 [3曲] Only Ine Way / Voice
2015-08-06 [8曲] Revival (1st press)
2016-11-11 [5曲] PIZZA NEXT
2017-04-25 [8曲] Revival (2nd press)
2017-10-11 [2曲] Miles away

Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Soundcloud
Official Youtube

They remind me quite a bit of a couple other rock bands I quite like, Kyokutou Girl Friend, for one. Not bad at all. Welcome to the site too, by the way.
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When the first started they truly didn't sound like this.
It was a bit more like this


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