[K-Pop] 2NE1
I was pretty much obsessed with these gals in 2015. Probably didn't listen to anything else for a few months. 

Sadly, it seems as though the group is done for. One of them got busted bringing prescription meds from the US to Korea that are illegal there a few years back, and they all but vanished off the face of the earth apart from 1 or 2 awards shows appearances or something. At least one of the members' contracts have expired and moved on from the label, too.
I think Emma Stone couldn't stop raving about them in one of the late night talk shows some time ago. That's all I know them from, K-Pop really isn't my thing.
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I listen to some stuff now and then. Not 2ne1 though, Big bang, Ailee and Exid mostly. I've only seen the Areia remixes for 2ne1.
I never saw the news, but after Minzy chose not to renew her contract last Summer, the writing was on the wall.

The group was officially disbanded in November when CL and Dara's contracts were renewed, but Park Bom's was not. (Park was the one with the prescription drug confiscation a couple years ago.)

The final single, aptly titled "Goodbye" was released in January.

I guess I should see if I can get it, digitally, at least.

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