[Metalcore] Remnants of the Fallen
Remnants of the Fallen are a five member Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal band from Seoul. They've been going in some form since 2009, and have released three (and a half!) EP's and a single full-length album, Shadowmaker [2016]. They've been through a few guitarists and their drummer appears to play for about five bands (possibly a shortage in Seoul?), but their vocalist (Bin) and bassist (Jin) have been around since the start and have held the thing together. Bin has been through a few different haircuts by the look of it, though.
It's hard to decide if they're more metalcore than melodic death metal, or the opposite really, particularly if you're useless in the field of musical taxonomy like me. I think I probably like them because of the melodeath elements - they seem a bit more technical than most bands of this type and there's bit more variety.

I think they're mostly singing in English, but, hey, its Metalcore, you can't understand a word anyway Wink

Anyway here's a few videos to see if they're you're thing:

Official MV off the full album:

And a couple of tracks off the same:

Plus an earlier live performance from a TV show:


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