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[Neoclassical] Castle in the Air
Yup, I can go ahead and confirm that this album is awesome. It's not really like Alhambra, but it is in the vein of old school heavy/progressive metal. A shame the other band members besides Yuhki seemed to disappear after this. They were all obviously very talented.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I keep going back to the album. It has such a great deal of atmosphere, and Yuhki's clearly the standout, but the rest of the band is bloody competent. I also love the artwork. It's one of those few cases where I'd also own the vinyl for the sake of the art itself.

Those three songs that were ripped are more than enough to give you a taste of the album's character. It somehow finds itself in a nice gray area between power metal and progressive rock. If I was about to categorize my favorite albums in each genre, then Castle in the Air would fit both of them. The more I listen to the album, the more I get carried away. Definitely a masterpiece.
I'm not sure I would go quite that far, but the album is definitely exceptional.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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