[Neoclassical] Concerto Moon / Norifumi Shima (島紀史)
I would recommend the releases that I've already reviewed so far. Gate of Triumph could also be your thing, if you don't mind a largely instrumental album.
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if it helps, you could just buy the whole discography, which neatly resolves the cruel dilemma of which point to start?  Smile
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(03-17-2017, 12:28 PM)Painkiller Wrote: Not a bad version of "Take You to the Moon". My only gripe with Gate of Triumph is that it's mostly instrumentals. 

The "Alone in Paradise" off of Gate of Triumph is pretty good too Smile. Yeah, the fact that it's mostly instrumentals is a bit of a turn off. I played this album for the first time yesterday, it wasn't all that bad though. I liked Takashi Inoue's vocals too.
Music video! Big Grin

I've just amended the thread to include the two pre-Concerto Moon bands that appeared on Make It Shine Vol. 1. Norifumi Shima was in Crystal Clear, and Takao Ozaki was in Zenith. Both bands played material that would end up reworked under the Concerto Moon name, so it's fitting to include these two bands that just somehow merged as one. Double Dealer will probably get their own thread, but I'm open to other possibilities.

Anyway, enjoy these Zenith videos that I pulled up. They go all the way back to 1992, so you can tell that this band had what it took to get signed, despite only releasing a demo or two.

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I recently received The End of the Beginning and am now waiting for From Father to Son. I think Fragments of the Moon is my favorite, but I love Rainforest more and more with each listen.


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