[Neoclassical] Concerto Moon / Norifumi Shima (島紀史)
I got Life on the Wire yesterday. Very good album, but "It's Not Over" completely blew my fucking mind apart! WTF?!?!?

I just wish that it was Takao Ozaki singing this, and then it'd be among some of the best Concerto Moon songs ever recorded. Angry
Why did I click that link? Why?!
I'm a bad influence on your credit card statement. Big Grin

I'm still waiting for that self-titled EP from 2004 to get to me. Working my way up...
After watching that one, I clicked around and watched a couple of other more recent ones. I have to say, I like everything I've heard, regardless of era.
Always nice when you're trying not to spend and a band with a chunky discography grabs your attention...why make the effort to resist? Big Grin
You're not helping, TimJ... *wags finger*
Takashi Inoue has been growing on me. His vocals fit the rougher edges of Concerto Moon's music, but the falsettos aren't as strong as his predecessor. It's for that reason alone that I still highly prefer the first three albums, because vocally speaking, those were the strongest ones. From Father to Son is probably the most melodramatic album of the bunch, and I guess that having to do with Norifumi Shima personally writing the lyrics to the title track and dedicating the album to his father's memory.

Wow, that's pretty powerful. Reading the lyrics gave me goosebumps, even with the Engrish.

Fantastic music, too.
Haha, even the Engrish worked out wonders on "Holy Child". I always get an early Scorpions vibe out of the verse.

Man, I just keep adding bands to this thread... Angry

It looks like former Zenith guitarist Tsutomu Toya released a solo album. It's called An Infinite String, and CDJapan may still have a copy.
Quote:The first solo album of a technical guitarist who has actively performed solo activities, such as creating a theme song for a solitary super guitarist who finished solo album first solo album finally finished representing a Japanese rock scene. '80s heavy metal / hard rock sound plus a modern element plus a melodious thrilling supreme guitar instrumental album. Over 10 years of artistic activities are consolidated in this album.


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