[Neoclassical] Concerto Moon / Norifumi Shima (島紀史)
(01-15-2018, 02:28 AM)TimJ Wrote: Uh-oh. Atsushi Kuze has quit.

Official announcement.

Oh man, that's terrible news. I really liked Tears of Messiah too.
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Everytime I read about a line-up change I feel disappointed. A band can survive even as a "brand", but its spirit is not gonna be the same anymore.

Kuze is one of the members who lasted longer (8 years), and I really wish he could give more continuity in Concerto Moon. From now on I really don't know what to expect from this project.

One thing is sure, a comeback of Ozaki or Inoue is not going to happen: as you can read in the news, Shima has already started to look for a new vocalist.
Painkiller, maybe you can try your luck and apply for it Wink are you a good singer?
Maybe Leo Figaro is looking for like a 20th band to be a part of. Wink
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That would be a step in the right direction from my viewpoint Wink I never was too big on Kuze's Dokken-esque vocals. He is one of the very few Japanese singers who successfully sounded somewhat American in style though.

Anyway, Shima's network at MI is huge, I'm sure he'll pick up a suitable replacement.
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