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I turned this thread into a FFA for all non-metal, non-Japanese music. Derailments and the like will be moved here. So, feel free to discuss anything involving any western form of music that doesn't involve metal or warrants its own thread.

You're not the only ABBA fan here...
Judging from your words, I'm not even the only Dutch ABBA fan around here? Wink

I bought that boxed set containing all their albums a while ago, after secretly wanting to have their stuff for years...
I have most of the deluxe editions of their post-1976 albums, that's when I thought they became really interesting, when they started making songs like 'I'm A Marionette' and 'The Winner Takes It All'. I've never been very secretive about liking them. Or Stevie Wonder, for that matter, but I guess he's being taken a little more seriously among "serious music fans".
My favourite is the Super Trouper album. Or Arrival.

Which Stevie Wonder albums would you recommend?

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Cool, an ABBA-thread!
Anything Stevie Wonder released between 1972 and 1976 is generally - and rightfully - considered classic stuff. 'Innervisions' is one of my three favorite albums of all time, but 'Talking Book' and especially the double album 'Songs In The Key Of Life' are every bit as good as that one. 'Hotter Than July' (1979) is quite good as well.
My favorite is probably 'Voulez-Vous', it feels like the most well-rounded one to me, although I could say the same about 'The ABBA Album'. 'Arrival' is classic and I personally really like 'The Visitors' too.

Can't believe this thread actually exists haha!
I'll keep an eye out for those albums next time I'm at one of my local record stores, thanks!
My sister was president of the local ABBA fan club, so I know literally every word they ever wrote as she insisted on playing their albums about eight hours a day through most of my childhood... bloody Fernando  Angry
'Fernando' isn't exactly one of my favorites either haha Smile But apart from the ones I just mentioned, I'm really fond of stuff like 'Voulez-Vous', 'Eagle', 'Summernight City', 'The Day Before You Came'... And maybe I should stop here, because the list would become too long Wink

And TvvrAskesis... You're welcome man! You can always PM me if you need more tips or whatever! I'm guessing Kroese is your local record store? They should have those in stock by default Wink

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