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There's a lot of albums where I don't reach an opinion until play 5 or so (hence why I use that as an arbitrarily number). Of course if something sucks ass I don't need to go that far, and I usually avoid such albums. Its the mixed bag ones that are the bane of my existence. Or the mechanically solid but goes in one ear and out the other ones. The ones that are technically fine, nothing is wrong with them, but don't really do anything interesting either. Hence why I avoid western metal (and music in general) - nearly everything was ending up in that category and I couldn't even tell what I liked or didn't. Extremely frustrating. And this gets even worse with musical burnout/overload. As mentioned in the past, there was a point where I was buying music I could tolerate because there was absolutely nothing I liked.

I don't have the luxury of sampling stuff in advance, since I'm the vanguard who usually initially buys this stuff. More popular bands - esp. outside of metal - I will sample in advance. But I usually have good luck if they have 1-2 songs that seriously hook me.

I'm actually quite tired of selling stuff off, so I've been a bit more picky with stuff these days (esp. metal). I haven't had too many mistakes this year, but when I did, that usually ends up with me purging the band from my collection permanently.
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If I'm buying any non-Japanese CDs, then they're of older bands. The whole retro scene is just Z-grade shit, so why even listen to imitators, when you could just listen to the real deal? I know Malice is one of those old Judas Priest clones, but at least their music was catchy and had some intricate moments on their songs, unlike today's bands that ape them in the cheapest way.
Non-Japanese bands are older ones that I've historically listened to (assuming they haven't turned to shit). I haven't seen one new power/prog band in the last 10+ years that did anything for me, its like, why bother? Shit, most of what formed in the early/mid 00s I'm not huge on either.

Things were fine up until the mid-00s - even with hindsight being 20/20, I wouldn't have changed a thing. From 2007-2012 I certainly would have though. I do my best not to focus on things over here now. I guess I'm too backlogged with stuff I like, there's no point anyway. I may dabble with some other genres, but I haven't found anything I actually liked yet. But it never hurts to click youtube links for educational purposes.
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I still love Satan and will continue to support them until their time is up. Great band that has never let me down, even with the different names and the last two albums sounding just about the right kind of modern to my ears.
Something would have to be on par with "Life Sentence" for me to bother with it.

I've had way too many western CDs that I play the obligatory 3 times and I never look at it again. And this was before Japan.
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Hmmm... this is an interesting one. If I'm reading it right, Black-listed Records celebrating their 100th release by giving away a free CD-R with any purchase of a Black-listed CD next Thursday at various Disk Union shops (including the on-line store):

■ "Black-listed Records" fair special CD-R contents included:
1. Adrastea - Birth of Alect (demo)
2. ASRA - Ray - line - raga (Acoustic ver.)
3. ASURA - GLORIA (live audio from the "GRAND GATE" DVD)
4. e: cho - Endless story ~ ver.8.84 ~ *
5. Shiver of Frontier - Howling (orchestra ver.) *
6. THE UNCROWNED - LOST TEARS (Another Material) *
7. Black Rose Kingdom - As long as the wind blows (2017 ver.)

Black-Listed offer

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