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Buck-Tick is one of the most famous rock bands in Japan, and they are still in activity after more than 30 years. They never went on hiatus and they had the same line-up for more than 30 years (there was one in their early days), which is not so common !

At the beginning of their carreer, they adopted a 'Visual Kei' style (even if the term was not created at the time). They released an album (or an EP) every 6 months ! In 1990, they reoriented their style towards a more gothic one and their music went darker and heavier (the sound in the first albums was 'light'). After that, they often changed musically, from a kind of metal to more commercial songs, and visually.

Here are a few songs :

1987 :

1990 :

1995 :

1999 :

I ended up moving this to visual kei because they're way too important to be outside of the scene.

I only have a compilation from them (that I should listen to more), but it's pretty good. "Dress" is a pretty sweet song, and I love the atmosphere over it.

Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Yes, it is very different from what they did at the time (no guitars).
Are they still considered Visual Kei today ?
Good question. I'm not really sure. I don't think the band ever disowned the label or anything, but certainly they wouldn't have anything in common with the modern visual kei scene.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
It's funny how they changed from catchy new wave to darker gothic/industrial/alternative. Definitely one of the best VK bands of all-time. I too, have a compilation (Catalogue 2005) and love it. I sure wish I still had my original Buck Tick studio albums. Selling them with hopes of replacing them with the limited remasters was a mistake.
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I still enjoy every album they release, which is pretty astounding for a band that's been around for so long. I don't like their 80s stuff as much, but its still good, just not my go-to BT albums. I love Juusankai wa Gekkou and One Life, One Death. Amazing albums.
Fun fact: in my interview, Yoshiki said that in X's early, needlessly defiant days, Buck-Tick was just about the only band they were friends with.
Really ? I didn't know they knew each other at the time !
They did not make the same kind of music at all...
No, but none of the early visual kei bands were, really. There was some overlap, but the time that all visual kei bands sounded the same didn't come until later Smile X and Color were notoriously acrimonious though, so I was curious about how close the scene was. He didn't really get into it further than that Buck-Tick were their friends and I didn't feel the need to spend more of what little time I had on the issue Smile
Ok then Smile
I thought X Japan got along well with Dementia, for instance, as there were several members switches (Taiji, Hally, Jun...) between these two bands.

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