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[Pop/Rock] Scandal (スキャンダル)
Yes, I'm finally creating a thread about my favorite band, because hey, they also happen to be one of the most popular Japanese rock bands overseas and thus deserve their own topic IMO.

Despite all the love they've received from international fans, I know too damn well that some people still consider their success a fraud or more simply a mystery. I can't blame them as I used to be like that too. In fact, my transition into a proper fanboy was a rather slow and progressive process, on which I've already written extensively:

How I Became a Scandal Fanboy in 11 Steps
The Complete Annotated Scandal Song Book

In hindsight I've come to realize that I fell in love with them partly because I was able to witness their transformation and progression in real time, and that's something we rarely have the chance to see as music fans. Usually we are drawn to new artists because their sound is already fully-formed and somewhat tailored to our own taste. But with Scandal things were different because, as you may not know, at their beginning in August 2006 they were not a "real" band, in that they were put together and made to pick an instrument in order to eventually become the band we know today as Scandal. From 2008 to 2013, the majority of their songs were composed, written and arranged by others, and the girls were mostly performers (they had written some lyrics here and there). That's why they were able to release no less than 6 full-length albums and 2 compilations during that period!

But then things started to change, and with hard practice came skills, and with skills came inspiration, which eventually led to a sort of "rebirth" of Scandal. The girls had grown older, more in charge of their career, and especially more talented, emerging not only as talented musicians but also as inspired composers and writers. 2014's Hello World was the first step of that new phase, and 2016's Yellow the real game-changer, i.e. the first album where all the songs were 100% composed and written by the girls (mostly Mami and Rina), just in time for the band's 10th anniversary.

And this is where we are right now. There's not a single doubt in my mind that Scandal are now a "real" band, made up of four very hard working and very talented ladies, and judging by their more recent songs, their next album (on which they are currently working and which is likely due in 2018) should reveal even more progression and talent than what we've already seen so far.

So feel free to troll this thread like I once did with the Gacharic Spin thread (jk), or to reflect on how you miss the "old Scandal" (like a lot of fans seems to, saying they are now too pop and sellouts), or to simply share your own thoughts on the band.

(And sorry about this very self-centered introduction but they really mean a lot to me.)
will check out the clips later, I think I did skim the ones in the GS thread briefly.

But for now I'm just revelling in another fine Japanese mangling of English - so phonetically according to Google Translate,

スキャンダル = Sukyandaru. Which is really not that close to "Scandal".

another Japanese band making life waaaaay too hard for themselves on the pronunciation front...
(10-25-2017, 02:01 PM)TimJ Wrote: スキャンダル = Sukyandaru. Which is really not that close to "Scandal".

Welcome to katakana. Tongue
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Not my bag, but I don't actually hate them - mind you, I didn't hear their later albums where they allegedly went more poppy. I had some minor interest in them (and Perfume) when I first got into Japanese music, but I never did buy CDs of either band and my interest eventually waned.

I did play their latest (and probably slightly controversial lol) PV the other day and it was less poppy than expected (and maybe some technical bits in there). Don't think I'd run out and buy it, but I didn't mind it.
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I never made a thread for them?
(Scratches head)

Nope... Just threatened to make one. Wink
And that was apparently enough to stop us from doing whatever we did to let you make that threat Wink
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Someone posted a ton of Scandal videos in the Gachapin thread, so I was going to post a bunch of Gachapin vids in a new Scandal thread. Big Grin
(10-26-2017, 07:28 AM)rollermonkey Wrote: Someone posted a ton of Scandal videos in the Gachapin thread

That was me (hence my joke in the OP).
Is that the JMF equivalent of Rickrolling?
I'd love to hear an Asian try to pronounce that word Wink
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.

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