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[Pop/Rock] Scandal (スキャンダル)
Oh boy, a SCANDAL thread. Guess I'll chime in.
I discovered them in 2009, so yeah I would fit in that "older shit was better" category. I had all of their full lengths up to the disappointing Queens are Trumps in 2012 when I lost interest in them, as I hated the direction they were heading at that point. I also have of couple of their live DVDs.

This thread got me to listen and watch some of their new songs, and I'll be damned...it's not bad at all! I think the 'indie' sounding guitars kinda agrees with them. I guess what's more fucked up is watching their latest PVs and realizing they're in their late 20's, with Haruna pushing 30. With the exception of Mami losing her baby-fat, they almost look the same as they did back in their "Shoujo-S" days. Rina must be a friggin' cyborg since she still looks like a teen. Really weird, considering that the Perfume gang, who are about the same age, look more mature now.

The Scandal Best debut was fun, and for pop/rock the unfortunately titled Baby Action has a lot of good songs, but my fav thing I have by them is their First Live 2009 DVD. Great sound quality with a nice raucous guitar tone (I hate when concert DVDs weaken the guitars to enhance the vocals). The camerawork was also spot-on, not really favoring anybody. A total pro job. They were still doing the schoolgirl look, and you can tell between the songs that all the audience yelling was 95% male. Obviously they were young and not exactly stellar on their instruments, except for Tomomi, who was already fleet-of-finger on her bass. It's nuts that her back-up singing is still so shrill and squeaky at 28 these days.

Also, props to them for staying together for a decade, and still making bank. They are like royalty in Singapore somehow, drawing monstrous crowds.
I won't create another thread and just announce here that Scandal will release their 8th studio LP Honey on February 14th! Not much details for now, other than the fact that it will contain the two singles posted in the OP ("Take Me Out" and "Koisuru Universe"). Also one of the new songs is called "Platform Syndrome".

That's about it for now.
Well, that first song from the new album bored the hell out of me, but this new PV for Platform Syndrome has the ladies playing faster than they have in years.
<Does approve.

That's the least subtle snare drum I've heard since Onmyo-za's 'Sekinetsu Enbu' live album. Still, the song is quite good actually. I just really don't like this vocal style.
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
This is by FAR my favorite of theirs, but as you might be able to tell by the school uniforms, it's pretty old:

This is why I say they've toned down a lot, because this is how they used to play all the time.

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