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[Power Metal] Destrose / Fate Gear
This thread if for discussion of all-female heavy/power metal band Destrose, plus Mina's new band Fate Gear. Mardelas, Mary's Blood, and Disqualia all have their own thread, so any discussion of those bands can be discussed there. I'll create a thread for Lovebites once they release something, but I guess discussing them here for the time being is ok.

As far as I'm concerned, they're the band that got the ball rolling with this surge of all-female rock/metal bands (while Aldious was the one who popularized it). Infamous for having a ton of lineup changes (just check their profile on Metal Archives).

One of their more popular and oldest songs.

And after Marina left, they recruited a new vocalist and recorded this. This lineup didn't last too long, unfortunately.
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[Image: CnaRvuyUsAAS-rQ.jpg:large]

Fate Gear posted a new band picture and updated their website The girls on the bottom left/right must be new members (they haven't been announced yet. Wouldn't make sense to post session/support members in a new band photo (decked out in all that steampunk gear and all). They seem to be going higher budget, which is a good thing. They have a new PV out soon, so I'm hoping their new material will be an upgrade over their last album.
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Giving Destrose a few listens. Definitely digging the riffs and the vocals. Japan has a habit of producing lots of hugely talented all-female metal and rock bands, whereas the West and even Europe have been failing to do so for decades. Would gladly take Destrose, Aldious, and Alhambra over fucking Nightwish... Rolleyes
A had a conversation with someone on Metal Archives awhile back and we concluded that Japanese women have more balls than most of the Euro-PM bands lol

I can't stand European "female-fronted metal". That's like my least favorite style of music atm.

Make sure to check out Mardelas (esp. the song "Eclipse") - that's Marina's current band.
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In regards to the line-up of Fate Gear. The two in the bottom corners are still just support musicians and the official members are only Mina on guitar, Nico on vocals and Kurumi on keyboards.

The support players are Haruka Mori on drums and Erika Fujisaki on bass

For a while they had Hiro on drums but she didn't stay long, I believe at one point the also had a bassist, but just for a moment.
"Fenixx" is such a crushing power/speed metal tune. I could really get into this band and its offshoots.

For support members, they're having a pretty strong presence - being in the PV, Photoshop, and holding guns too lol  Fate Gear's first album was ok (kinda demo-ish though) but had some promise. I expect their next album to be really good.

They played 2 new songs: Queen of the War and Scars in my Life. That first song is an awesome title and I hope its a blistering speed metal number.

I think Akira from Loudness wrote "Destination" for them.

Oh, Mina (their leader, now Fate Gear's leader) likes Riot. She was posting pics when they were over in Japan (well, Riot V).

Lovebites is going to rule. Miho is pretty much into old school metal too and their 2 guitarists rip.

Disqualia is one of my favorite bands at the moment.
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I also thought it was odd that the support would be in the PV and splash screen for the webpage and everything else the official members would be in. I can only assume that they will be added as official members. As of now both of their Twitter accounts say Fate Gear support and they are not mentioned in the profile section of the bands webpage.

I was looking through Nico's Twitter and she likes Anthem, I guess that gives her points in Painkiller's book.... maybe
They could still graduate to full-time members. I think Mina is waiting to see if she actually gets along with them. Kurumi was a surprise addition - being a major prog head and all (any girl who likes Mr. Sirius is cool in my book).

Everyone loves Anthem, Loudness, and Seikima II over there. Seikima II is Saki (Mary's Blood)'s favorite band, I believe. And of course Show-Ya is massively influential, but that goes without saying.

I've seen people in non-metal bands like Anthem over there (eg, Rose&Rosary, a goth band)
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This thread will be just for the Mina-centric bands now (Destrose and Fate Gear).

*Much* better than the previous Fate Gear album. It does sound more in speedy, melodic power metal vein though. Different enough from Destrose to warrant a name change though (but it does seem like a logical continuation). I can actually recognize Mina's soloing style... so that's probably a good thing.
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