[Progressive Metal] Alhambra
Yeah, having just started listening to them, I'm fine with what's available. I've been enjoying digging into it all (and it's all available via iTunes, too, so I've been able to do it fairly cheaply until I'm ready to shell out $$ for the CDs themselves). The more I listen to them, though (and I've been listening a lot this past week), I've really come to enjoy Junko's voice a lot — but I can't really seem to find a lot out there that she's done, other than Alhambra and Marge Litch. It just seems a shame for her output to suffer as a result of Yuhki and Hibiki being pulled in multiple directions.

Ah, well....
Well Yuhki is the one that writes 99% of the music after all. Tongue
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Sure, but I'm speaking from the standpoint of liking Junko's voice. I'd just like to see her on more releases. Smile
She does vocals on this (one song though, if my memory serves me correctly):

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