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[Selling] CDs for Sale on Ebay/Discogs
Ok, I just finished up adding links to all items on Discogs and ebay, including western titles. I can add youtube links to the western title if there's any interest.

I'll probably add some more stuff to ebay today, but I'm kinda burnt out now. Tongue

Exodus - Fabulous Disaster [1999 Century Media Remaster]
Fractal Gates ‎- Altered State Of Consciousness
Manilla Road - Mark of the Beast
Rami (ex-Aldious) - Reloaded

Added to here:
$16 Wizards Hymn - Hymnal | Blacklisted Pressing, female-fronted power metal

Added/moved to ebay:
Link Aleister - The End Of Sadness (MCD) [Female-fronted heavy metal/hard rock] | Audio
Link Beginning of the End - Warrior's Story | Female-fronted power metal | Trailer
Link CHECK×MATE - 感情モノクローム | Trailer | Female-fronted J-Rock/J-Pop
Link Debug My Video Game Error - in Logic the Symbolic Dream (MCD) [Pretty messed up electro-metalcore] | Trailer
Link D.R.Lilac - Disk Rockey [female-fronted poppy J-Rock] | PV
Link D.R.Lilac - Dramatic Radio
Link Φnality Blast - Sin Clear | Doujin power metal | Trailer
Link IRON ATTACK! - Death and Rebirth
Link IRON ATTACK! - Concerto of the Scarlet Elements
Link IRON ATTACK! - Poltergeist
Link IRON ATTACK! - Devil's Daughter
Link PEPESALE - Cobalt Sketcher [female-fronted J-Rock/J-Pop] | Trailer
Link PEPESALE - Magic Genic | Trailer

Added to ebay (Western):
Link Overkill - I Hear Black
Link Theatres des Vampires - Moonlight Waltz | Gothic Metal
Link Theatres des Vampires - Desire of Damnation | Gothic Metal
My last.fm | Rate Your Music | CDs for sale: Forum, Ebay, and Discogs
Kelly Simonz' Blind Faith - Blind Faith [Neoclassical HM]

Added or moved to ebay:
Link 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Revolution [no obi]
Link DEATH☆LAND - 新世紀創造伝 [Female-fronted heavy/power]
Link として時雨 (Ling Tosite Sigure) - #5 [No Obi]
Link Mechanical Teddy "Happy Dead Coaster" | PV | Electronic metalcore with male/female vocals
Link Mechanical Teddy "MAKE STEDDY" | PV
Link Mechanical Teddy "Cue" | PV
Link Mechanical Teddy "Mecharopolis" | Audio
Link Thunder Fall - To the Freedom Sky [EP] Trailer
My last.fm | Rate Your Music | CDs for sale: Forum, Ebay, and Discogs
School Food Punishment - Light Prayer (Single)
Celtic Frost - Monotheist [Japanese Reissue]
Pain - Cynic Paradise [2CD Digipak]
My last.fm | Rate Your Music | CDs for sale: Forum, Ebay, and Discogs
Cyclone - Cyclone
Dreamstoria - Dreamstoria
Eyes of Fenrir - Victorious Holy War
として時雨 (Ling Tosite Sigure) - #5
My last.fm | Rate Your Music | CDs for sale: Forum, Ebay, and Discogs

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