[Trading] Jeckidy's Japanese CDs for Sale/Trade
Sales are discontinued. Read last post.
I checked your wanted list, I have Princess Princess Singles 1987-1992 (the grey one with the embossed silver letters) on sale -I opened a thread here-, but I'm not trading because lately I need money and not new albums. Anyway let me know if you are interested.
*bump* Updated.
I'm giving away nearly complete discographies for $10 + shipping (about the same price) which would normally cost much more. So, for instance, if you want all of Kuroyume's studio albums pre-reunion (about 10 or 11) I'll take $10 + shipping to send it to you.
Ask! I am practically giving away a lot of stuff.
Where is your complete list? I remember it being on an external site. Or maybe this is it copied into the post, I don't actually know.
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
Its been moved here. Shipping overseas is definitely more expensive, so be warned.
*bump* List is updated now.
I am seriously thinking of cutting up/smashing everything in this collection. I would send them to RarezHut but they will only give me store credit and won't pay for shipping, and I don't want to buy anymore Japanese CDs for a long while, if at all. If someone can pay just for the shipping value of all of this stuff, I will gladly send it to them for the price of shipping only. ALL of it.
Well, I was serious. Perdition would die if he even SAW what I did, but I did it. A large majority of these CDs have been destroyed and the process is still an ongoing thing. Only a few of the more valuable items like Shazna's Melty Case or Transtic Nerve's 'Transonic Vision' will be saved. There's a lot of reasons for why I am doing this, but it's being done. So don't ask me about sales anymore. Have a good day.

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