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Western Power/Progressive/Speed Metal Thread
Whew, yeah, that was pretty ugly.
Japan's Earliest Metal Bands | 80s All-Female and Female Fronted Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Bands

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I've just read your comments about Angra and I disagree a little bit... Smile

I consider them much better than many other prog metal bands.
The first period is my favourite, without any doubts: Angels Cry, Holy Land and Fireworks are 3 wonderful albums. Matos' voice is very personal and unique, even though I'm aware that not everybody likes it.
Rebirth is still a good album, but if you analyze the structure, the sound and the melodies of the songs carefully, you will realize that they are just a "good copy" of the first 2 albums.
Temple Of Shadows is still a solid work, most of the songs are good, but not so much innovative as the first albums.
Through the years they became more and more standardized, with more cliché of the typical prog metal.
With the arrival of Lione and Valverde I felt that the band lost its identity, and Loureiro's departure made me understand that today Angra is a totally different band compared with its origin.

I did enjoy the first 2 Shaman albums as well. I didn't mind so much about Shaman after Matos and Mariutti's brothers left (even though there is an X Japan's cover - Kurenai - as bonus track on the album Origins Rolleyes ).

Another album that I recommend you is "Virgo" (2001) by Andre Matos and Sascha Paeth. The sound here is more rock oriented.

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