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Welcome to Japanese Metal Wiki!

This wiki will be a comprehensive guide to Japan's metal and hard rock bands, regardless of popularity or era. To be used along with our forums.[1]

Since this wiki is fairly recent, expect to see further updates over time. In the meantime, check out some of these bands' articles (for every article posted so far: [2])!

Mostly a traditional metal fan getting into Japanese metal? Loudness, Anthem, Bow Wow, Earthshaker, Sabbrabells, Show-Ya, Ezo, and Nokemono are good ones to start off with. More melodic stuff like Terra Rosa, Hellen, Hurry Scuary, X-Ray, Flower Travellin' Band, Wolf, Blizard, Ebony Eyes, Action!, Misako Honjoh, and 44 Magnum might be up your alley.

Into visual kei? Check out Versailles, X Japan, Dead End, Kuroyume, Rommel, and Rosenfeld. The scene blends all kinds of genres, from extreme metal to soft rock.

Progressive rock fans, check out Novela, Pageant, Mr. Sirius, Eastern Orbit and Starless!

Power metal fans may want to try bands such as Galneryus, Light Bringer, Aldious, Precious, Mary's Blood, Concerto Moon or Sex Machineguns.

Need something much heavier or darker? Seikima-II, Sabbat, Outrage, Shellshock, Sacrifice, Ningen Isu, Gargoyle, Crowley, and Saber Tiger would be highly recommended in that department.